No Cost Care for Your Vacant Home

Our unique service is designed to provide qualified Home Sitters for vacant homes that need cared for and maintained while they are on the market. Our services are provided at no monthly cost and no worry to Home Owners.

Our home sitters are carefully screened and selected to move into vacant for sale homes with their own furniture on a temporary basis. Home sellers and real estate agents benefit from the occupancy of a Home Sitter in the following ways:

  • Enhanced marketability of your home
  • All utilities are paid by the Sitter
  • FREE yard care, snow removal and maintenance
  • Free home staging
  • Vandalism prevention
  • Lower Insurance premiums
  • Agents notified of empty flyer box
  • Home always clean and ready to show prospective buyers
  • Reduced stress for the Home Owner & Agent
  • Frequent inspections to insure your home is maintained to your expectations

  • Why not Rent Your Home?

    Renting your home is always a possibility, but there are many problems associated with finding responsible renters. You many not know the tenant’s past history, credit or lifestyle. You’ll have no control over whether they will notify you of damage sustained, or if they have insurance to cover excessive damage or liabilities. 

    Landlord-Tenant Laws apply when renting and can be restrictive when terminating a contract or requiring a tenant to vacate a home. A delay can result in the loss of a sale or impede a real estate closing. Renters who are uncooperative can lead to forced eviction that may take months and usually end up in monetary loss to the landlord. Damage to the home in excess of the deposit can be sustained which may require further legal action to recover additional losses.

    Our Home Sitters

    Spokane Home Sitting Services understands the difficulties associated with finding a tenant for your home. Our Home Sitters are required to carry a minimum $100,000 liability insurance for any damage due to their negligence. They are also carefully and thoroughly screened for:

  • Consumer Profile
  • Public Records
  • Credit Reports
  • Residential History
  • Rental Databases
  • Eviction History
  • Criminal Background
  • Employment Verification

  • Our Home Sitters benefit from the opportunity to live in a high quality home while paying a greatly reduced fee. In exchange they agree to take immaculate care of your home and yard. Our frequent on-site inspections ensure your home will be properly cared for while your home is on the market.

    Spokane Home Sitting Services takes great pride in staging your home to compliment the Home Sitter’s furnishings.

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