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Pam Fredrick

As a Realtor at John L. Scott, I know that having a home sitter in a home, that would be otherwise vacant and for sale, enhances its' salability by 100%! Spokane Home Sitting homes are always well staged and immaculately furnished. They care about the homes and inspects them quite frequently. I am certain her services generally help my homes sell for more money and much faster!

I always suggest Spokane Home Sittings excellent service to my sellers when appropriate. Knowing the home is occupied and being cared for is a great load off of my mind as well as my Sellers, plus it saves them money! And it also makes my job of selling the home so much easier!

Ruth Harms

When my vacant and for sale home in Spokane was threatened with loss of insurance due to its vacancy, I was forced to seek a solution to the problem, other than allowing the mortgage company to insure it at very high rates. I wanted to avoid actually renting it out as I had already invested a lot of time and money into putting the house into a clean, sale-able condition. My realtor suggested trying Spokane Home Sittings Services.

The staff, along with the home sitter that was put into my home, were absolutely wonderful! The service assumed full responsibility for the care and maintenance of my home as well as the screening, selection and total supervision of the home sitter. Not only was I able to retain my insurance but for the first time in over a year, I no longer had the extra work and worry of maintaining it. Our summer was a total loss to us, as we had to spend every weekend taking care of the house and yard. Spokane Home Sitting kept constant contact with the home sitter and made frequent inspections to assure that the house was ALWAYS in condition to be shown to prospective buyers by the realtor.

My house has now been sold and I firmly believe that the care and attention given to it by both Spokane Home Sitting and the home sitter in making it more inviting were highly instrumental in finally selling the house.

I highly recommend Spokane Home Sitting to anyone in need of this type of service and would encourage realtors to recommend it to any of their clients that might need it. I know it was a real "life saver" for me!

Daren and Barbara Bennett

We recently hired Spokane Home Sitting to provide a house sitter for our home in Spokane. Our realtor recommended them as we planned to move to Arizona while our house was for sale. She placed a sitter in our home for 3 months.

We found them to be trustworthy, conscientious and courteous. In today's world where it seems that any customer service is almost impossible to find, she provided excellent customer service. We did not have to worry about the upkeep of our property in our absence or whether it would be ready to show to prospective buyers. We knew it would be.

They where up front with the house sitters and what was expected from them. They worked to find someone that felt would "match" our particular home. We feel that we got exactly the service advertised. They even went the extra mile by planting flowers in the flower boxes on the front porch.

We would recommend her service to anyone without reservation.